28 Oct 2014

How to Look Fabulous In Chikankari Suits

Are you planning to buy a Garba dress this festival season? Well you should since being part of all the festive seasons is a must for us Indians. Even though we do not celebrate some of the festivals, on being invited by friends or neighbors, hardly any of us leave the opportunity. Good food, great people and a place to enjoy while forgetting all the worries from our life, it is definitely a fantastic prospect. However, it cannot be enjoyed much in regular clothing. Imagine, you are in a Diwali or Garba party where people are wearing their regular clothes such as jeans and t-shirts without any bling or makeup.
Doesn’t sound nice right!
Garba is a traditional dance form developed in Gujarat. It is performed by people of Gujarat on various occasions such as navaratras, Diwali and weddings or basically any happy occasions when they want to dress up well and dance. To be a part of this tradition, people need to be dress up either in saris, lehengas or the traditional Garba dress, which is Chaniya Choli, adorned with loads of embroidery work and sequence work and heavy jewelry. Read More...


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